Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Something I "won"

For the past week-plus, I've been having fun accomplishing nothing in south Louisiana. Tonight I'm kicking back at a motel near Little Rock, and will be back in Springfield tomorrow.

As often happens, a very random stroke of luck swung my way during my stay. While at Big Lots, my sister and I noticed a very odd toy in the claw machine. It looked like Richard Nixon, but was actually Missouri's own President Harry S Truman. On Keely's dare, I went for it. Fifty cents and some typically agile clawing later, the Nixon-looking Truman doll was all mine! Oh yeah!

You can't really tell from that pic, but Harry's head is cocked back in a way that, at the right angle, makes him look like Superman - a spastic, Richard Nixon-looking Superman.

So now you know I wasn't wasting my time all week.

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rhonda said...

i miss you already.