Monday, December 29, 2008

Louisiana boy takes football skills out of state, makes good

(No, not Jake Delhomme...I'm not heartless.)

One of the highlights of my week is the flag-football game I play in every Sunday afternoon. We've been doing them for several months now, and in that time I've evolved from a barely mobile has-been with an aggravated back injury to a fully mobile (and thus much-improved) has-been. These days, the only wincing I do is when I accidentally mention these games to my physical therapist (she's quite understanding, in the sense that she hasn't screamed at me to stop immediately). On the field, I play mostly receiver and cornerback, but have also served as quarterback in many an offensive series.

This pass got dropped.

Chris Brewer, my co-worker, fellow blogger and guy I scream at while playing Tecmo Super Bowl, is the one who organizes these games. And by organize, I mean, devised a league name (SOFA), keeps stats, does occasional commentary and sometimes takes photos when sidelined. His weekly analyses are remarkable in their total recall; this week, he has topped himself by writing yesterday's account as a legit (and, dubious quotations aside, mostly true) sports article. Reading this made me feel like I was someone important, even if Chris is a total flag-football geek for writing it (like I can talk).

Now, fans of this blog (fan?) know that I hate to blatantly rip off other writers. So I will excerpt only the best parts, as in those involving me:

Yellow holds off Red in first SOFA Santa Bowl

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (AP) – Ian McGibboney wanted one shot at redemption for dropping a touchdown pass early in the first half.

He got that, and one better.

McGibboney hauled in two touchdown catches and added five more receptions, and Ryan Cook scored two touchdowns as well to pace Yellow to a 52-40 win over Red in the first-ever Santa Bowl at Kickapoo High School’s practice field.

“I-Mac,” as he is known to his teammates, came on very strong after spraining a finger on an errant throw by Pete Hendricks on a conversion pass early in the second half. After Chris Brewer batted down McGibboney’s pass intended for Cook, he switched out from quarterback to receiver and caught a 35-yard touchdown on a post pattern for a 26-12 lead with 18:12 to play.

The turning point of the game occurred when Red stopped Yellow five yards from the endzone on fourth down with 15:23 to go in the game. Facing a mere 26-18 deficit, Red’s quarterback was sacked in the endzone by Hendricks and on the ensuing Yellow possession, McGibboney caught his second touchdown to put the game nearly out of reach, 34-18. [...]

The win wasn’t entirely easy for Yellow as they faced many challenges from Red, but key stops on defense and timely first downs on offense kept Red on their heels. “Our guys did an excellent job of adapting to the pressure Red gave us today,” Hendricks said from the podium post-game. “Every time Red made a run, we made one of our own. Ian and Ryan had some stellar catches today.” [...]

McGibboney should appear on the injury report this week but should be good to go for Week 13.

Yeah, the injury. I hurt my left index finger really badly on a failed touchdown pass, which hurt like hell for, well, however long it's been between now and when it happened. It's real sexy. Want to look at it?

At left, my right finger. At right, my left finger.

Like Dom DeLuise said in Cannonball Run, "It only hurts when I point."

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Chris said...

In your photo in which you threw a pass...actually I think that was the one where you passed to me up the middle and I beat Jerome and Jody for a touchdown, a feat which I have yet to duplicate.

(it got you four fantasy points on