Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

In 2008, we elected a president. Third time’s a charm for me. Even though technically Missouri didn't count my vote because the state failed to vote for the winner for only the second time in 100 years, it still felt good to have done my part for change.

Not surprisingly in such a pivotal year, vitriol spewed forth like never before throughout 2008. Fortunately, such immature bile ended permanently the moment Barack Obama became President-elect of the United States, never to be seen or heard from again. America grew up, realized that the time for misinformation was over and the populace as a whole vowed never again to let prejudice and lies steer the national debate.

Here's to at least four easier years ahead! But first...

One long, last year of this

The Bush administration and its minions on the religio-neocon right save something for the third act. Lame stuff, yes, but something.

1/28: Celebrating celebrities who chose to be alive...or something
What does it mean to be "pro-life," anyway? Just ask the guy with the nail in his head from "Happy Gilmore"!

1/29: The lame duck quacks
Bush's final State of the Union address gets the respect it deserves.

6/25: Oh, those Republicans! Always looking ahead
Now available: Reagan/Bush '84 T-shirts!

11/19: God + guns = somebody's guts
Guns in parks? Or are you just happy to see me?

Election 2008

1/18: We have nothing to fear but fear-mongering candidates
Romney vs. Huckabee, as if that was relevant.

2/5: Hail primary, full of race...
Thoughts during my first Super Tuesday as a primary voter in a bellwether state.

2/25: Unsound bite
Hillary wasn't selling. Maybe if her campaign seemed less like a sales pitch...

2/26: Cheap snapshot
Barack Obama's wearing Kenyan garb! OMG!!!!

3/3: Blessed Handsome has his haters
Barack Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN!! That's a big deal! The fact that his name means "Blessed Handsome?" Not so much.

3/4: It’s partisan time!

3/25: There's something not Wright about Obama

4/23: Dear Hillary...
6/5: Get on with it!

4/25: Ladies and gentlemen, the John McCain platform

5/6: Irritating things
Things that were irritating me on May 6, 2008.

5/23: Short Fuse has his Short List for VP
We had no idea...

6/9: It’s the right thing to do

6/10: Their company car's license plate reads, "DESPER8"
Meet Barack Obama! Or, at least, the Republican Party's official caricature of the future president.

7/10: Jesse Jackson: "I want to cut his nuts off"

(My dad made this)

That terroriffic New Yorker cover that shouldn't have existed because people are idiots or something.

7/28: Here's something that could use some change
I made a lot of sacrifices to attend a Barack Obama appearance in Springfield. In doing so, I gave up seeing him as well.

8/23: Obama-Biden!
8/29: McCain-Palin - The Dead Parrot ticket
First thoughts on...well, you know.

9/2: Sarah Palin tries to seduce me...

9/3: Stuff I noticed about the RNC tonight
9/4: Empathy for the unsympathetic
Notes about the GOP convention. Two posts that can be distilled into one word: mean.

9/25: Burning questions (and other thoughts)
John McCain threatened to bail on the presidential debate. Obama says "uh" a lot. Things like that.

10/1: A pereleel to Seereh Peelin's deep deeposity
My take on the infamous Katie Couric video.

10/7: Liberals DO have backbones!
Even my X-rays are political.

10/8: What happens when you merge a revved-up mind with back pills
This pissed off some people.

10/21: I never want to feel this horrible again
On the eve of the election, I had a dream that I forgot to vote and Obama lost badly. Fortunately, dreams don't always come true.

10/23: Template conservative blog post
Saw this a lot on Facebook and MySpace throughout the year.

10/28: What a dumb argument!
We're on the road to socialism! Or rather, roads, because roads are socialist.

11/4: The moment of truth
11/4: Election Day observations
Making history and whatnot.

11/12: Making up for lost blog time
Complete with original Sarah Palin cartoon!

Springfield Ian

1/19: A petition not worth signing
True fact: 90 percent of the time you visit a Springfield library, someone will accost you at the door and ask you to sign a petition to let the people vote on special preferences or something that would astound you if you could ascertain just what the hell they were talking about.

2/13: Now I know how Hillary's campaign feels
A (mostly) apolitical post about the 2008 Springfield ice storm. For some reason, I didn't include the photo of a neighbor's snowman that looked increasingly like the Grim Reaper once it started to melt.

3/21: Warning: This blog contains traces of Peanuts
In which I rediscover the power of Charles Schulz. Also has baby picture of me looking like Charlie Brown.

5/1: Copyright 1987, me
A story of the old woman and her cornbread, and my early success with claw machines that continues to this very day (see below).

5/26: New Indiana Jones - is it worth it?
Maybe not, but I still like it more every time I see it. Not to mention that the Pop Culture Gods finally gave me something new in which to geek out.

6/17: Things I miss #1
An ode to Atari's "Math Gran Prix." If any of you Hollywood filmmakers out there want to option it, I have a hell of an idea for a movie. Or, at the very least, a hilarious joke trailer for YouTube.

7/1: Mission accomplished
I bought one tank of gas in the entire month of June. I rule. Included: hot receipt action.

8/12: Something
I wrote a staff editorial for my newspaper. An interesting experience I (and they) wouldn't mind repeating.

9/30: Entering hostile territory
With shaggy hair, a shirt with a big pot leaf on it (in context), I walk into a Subway where two employees are talking with a military guy about how, duh, they're voting for McCain, obviously. And after one of them mentions how her aunt once tried to run over Bill Clinton, they try to trivialize my experience meeting him. Still, the sandwich was not bad and didn't contain any razors that I could tell.

12/9: Something I “won”
Speaking of claw machines...I won a plush doll of Missouri's only native president, Harry S Truman. In Louisiana. Weird.

12/22: Speaking of oil change...
Posts like this are great because if there's any hole in my car's maintenance record, I can remember not only that I did it this day, but can also evoke fond memories of the bizarre spectacles therein.

12/26: 2008: My year in staying resolute
Looking back on my resolutions for the once-new year. Batted a hair over .500. That's better than Joe DiMaggio.


10/6: Ten years already? (Actually, it's felt like it)
My post on our first-ever game in what would become the Springfield Open Football Association, and how the intense pain I felt after the game reminded me of my 10-year high school reunion, which happened the same weekend.

12/29: Pointing (swollen) fingers

At left, my right finger. At right, my left finger. Such is the treachery of flag football.

1/21: Tom Brady as I like to see him
In a year where the Saints underwhelmed, Tom Brady did so only once - but at just the right time.

9/14: Internal memos
Letting off some steam after the Saints lost to the Redskins. Creatively this time.

7/20: Swimsuit issues

(This picture was not taken in 2008.)

See you next year!

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