Monday, November 24, 2008

This week in irrelevant news...

--The Catholic Church has officially forgiven John Lennon for his 1966 remark that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In response, Lennon put out the following statement...


...Because he's been dead since I turned six months old. The scandal's been dead much longer. Anyway, Lennon wasn't even gloating when he said it; he was, if anything, bewildered. Yes, he did call some Christians "thick" and suggested that the religion in its current judgmental form would eventually lose favor. And he followed up the furor with trademark defiance. But an attack on Jesus it wasn't.

I do find it funny that the Vatican instead calls him a "show-off." Yes, The Vatican.

Left: Show-off. Right: Not a show-off.

Instant karma's gonna get you.

--Michael Jackson converted to Islam and has renamed himself Mikaeel. What reports don't tell you is that he wanted to be Catholic, but the Catholics have no room for accused child molesters known for their elaborate showmanship. OK, that's harsh, I know. No need to continually bash the Catholic Church over the extremely ignorant things its bishops say. But I still can't get past the idea that the leadership of the Catholic Church thinks that it alone has the power of forgiveness over long-dead controversies, and that Barack Obama and the U.S. government owe it things. The church pays no taxes and, yet, have their hand out? By conservative logic, that makes them welfare cheats! I don't think that's what Jesus meant when he said to help the poor.

--Chris Brewer posted his usual recap of our weekly flag football blowout, except that he didn't think any of it was worth mentioning (because, he told me, this time it was three-on-three). Still, he audaciously declares the "only eventful thing" of the day to be his popped knee. Missing from his blog is that he popped his knee because he reached for an uncatchable pass - because I was just covering him that well. He also skinned a few layers off his forearm in a last-ditch attempt to keep me from scoring the walk-off winning touchdown. You gotta admire the devotion, though, even if he decided not to post the picture I took of his arm and pained face, and even if he is a complete scrub.

For the record, we played two games. The Pacific Coast StupidSonics (my name for the team with the Californians and Oregonian) whipped My Better Team (The Louisianian, Indianian and, uh, other Californian) handily in the first game, while My Better Team pulled off a surprise win in the second after a defensive stand for the ages. On the day, I scored three touchdowns, one PAT, two sacks, netted a couple of pass blocks and managed some decent quarterbacking. Yes, this was probably due to the three-on-three game caused by people just not being around this weekend, but this may be the only time in my life this ever happens and I want it preserved for all time. So thanks, Chris! But do visit his blog for the cool observation I made at the movies last night (hint: it involves white supremacy).

--There was something else I wanted to cover, I think, but it was apparently too irrelevant to remember. Oh well.


Chris said...

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun three-on-three flag football is with evenly matched teams.

My knee thanks you.

rhonda said...


oh my fucking god. leave it up to you to come up with the only thing in the world that even i feel slightly dirty for laughing at.
but i have to figure that i paid far, faaar in advance for that little giggle, what with the much-loved john lennon cassette (yes, cassette. i was ridin' in style) that my dodge stratus killed.