Monday, October 06, 2008

Ten years already? (Actually, it's felt like it)

My 10-year high school reunion was held this past weekend. I wasn't able to attend because I was in the wrong state. It seems like everybody who attended has posted pictures of the event online, though, so I've been checking those out to see how everyone is looking these days (in some cases, as great as when I had crushes on them). And this being a group of south Louisiana kids, I've also learned much about their personal drink preferences (and whether or not that has changed much since 1998).

In honor of my reunion, I took my high school football jersey out of retirement on Sunday. This actually had more to do with the game of flag football I played with some coworkers and their friends, but still fits with room to spare, and that's what matters.

(Photo by Chris Brewer, the dude in red)

Despite the sciatica that has afflicted my back and leg once again in recent months (I had surgery for it in 2001), it felt awesome to get back out on the field and successfully defend surprisingly agile sportswriters. My team lost 49-39, but part of that was my late-period stint as all-time defender. On offense, I scored on a bullet pass thrown into double-coverage by a current high school quarterback and netted at least one rushing TD (photos not available, but it's true, I promise). I even got in a few reps at quarterback, through which I showed my consistency at fumbling pitchouts. In past pickup games, I really felt the shape I was not in (or was that merely the soul-sapping Louisiana humidity?). Yesterday, though, all those bike miles I've been clocking really helped out. It was a lot of fun.

I may not have been able to catch up with old friends this weekend, but I definitely reconnected with some of the sweat and pain from that era. And it felt great!


rhonda said...

awww. you are sentimental.


Chris said...

I am glad you came out on Sunday! Here's to your back healing up, sciatica sucks a $#$%%^^&^%&$@#$#$^.