Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A pereleel to Seereh Peelin's deep deeposity

And when asked what kind of car she drives, Palin responded, "I drive it fast. I've driven all the cars I've ever driven. People think you can't drive in Alaska because it's in Canada, but there are vast varieties of roads!"

At least George W. Bush admitted he didn't read anything other than the Bible and Bias. That kept him from having to fake the admittedly difficult task of naming ONE MEDIA OUTLET ANYWHERE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH! Politicians have to know how and when to be evasive. But poor ol' Lipstick not only sucks at being evasive, but she chose the most embarrassingly easy thing in the world to be evasive about.

My favorite YouTube response says it all: "She can't name a newspaper? A news station? A magazine? She could have said 'All of them, but CBS is my favorite' even to score some points..."

I can't WAIT for the debate. They should put it on pay-per-view. Just make sure that none of you decide to drink every time Seereh mentions a news network, because you know she'll overcompensate for this and you'll die a horrible death from cirrhosis.

Funny thing is, she has a communications degree, and used to report the news. You know, it's getting as hard to write jokes about Sarah Palin as it is for Barack Obama, for the completely opposite reason.

No one let this woman near the bailout talks, please! They're stalled enough as it is without having to spend an entire taxpayer-funded session explaining to Palin why she didn't have to bring the bucket.

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Momofunk said...

Hey there, Mr. Ian. I stumbled across your blog today while looking for Springfield stuff on Google, so thought I'd say hi from a couple rows away in the newsroom.

-- Matt