Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

With all of the newspaper endorsements Obama has received in the past few days - even the Houston Chronicle, which hasn't gone Democrat since 1964, and the Chicago Tribune, since ever - Powell's word has to be the strongest and most principled. Towards the end, he says that Obama isn't a Muslim, but that a Muslim has every right to be president; he then relates an anecdote about Muslim-American soldiers dying for their country. He also praises Obama's positions, intellect, timeliness and eloquence - which, he says, is something to consider in a leader. And, of course, he laments the negative and reactionary direction in which the GOP has taken John McCain's campaign, as well as McCain's rightward political shift. Even then, however, Powell is complimentary of McCain's works and service to his country. I don't know if there's such a thing as a perfect endorsement, but this comes close. It's going to turn a lot of heads. I know it got my attention.

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Nick said...

I think Gen. Powell, more than in agreement with Obama's positions, is pissed at the Republican Party in general, and I really can't blame him.

He went to the well for the President Bush at the U.N., and when the intellegence turned out bad, he was used as the scapegoat by the Bush Administration. That was one of the most outrageous political moves over the last 10 or so years that I've been paying attention. The Sec. of State has nothing to do with foreign intel.

Back in '04, when McCain flirted with being Kerry's VP, I felt that was done by McCain more out of spite for the Rove-Bush political manuvering that tried to insiuate during 2000 that McCain fathered a black girl out of wedlock.

As we all know now, the girl was adopted from a foreign country by Cindy McCain.

So, to wrap this all up, I can't blame Powell, and the Republican/conservative movement may be hurting for years due to stuff like this, not to mention the country hurting due much to the irresponsibly fiscal liberalism of President Bush.