Monday, October 27, 2008

'Change. Thats what's up.'

The Budweiser "Whassup?" guys have teamed up once again in this pro-Obama video. The commercials were silly trifles in 2000, but this one has a sharp and surprisingly moving edge to it.

For all of its other benefits, the YouTube age has graced us with video possibilities that weren't prevalent even four years ago. They've affected this election a great deal, and will continue to have impact on all corners of our society in the future. This breed is particularly exciting, I think: the commercial icons breaking away from endorsements to champion causes. With today's advanced video technology and uploading availability, these independent spots can be made to look every bit as professional as the shills. The corporations may not like it, but the public does. Yay for disclaimers! And these guys.

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Anonymous said...

Wiered but awesome. Thanks dude!!