Friday, October 03, 2008

"...But it does mean Palin nailed that thar de-bait"

Of all the reactions I've read about last night's vice presidential debate, this comment from The Daily Advertiser forum may be my absolute favorite:

Just because she can't spout statistics and regulations per batem doesn't mean she can't govern.

I like to think that, when this person breaks their arm on the floor of their double-wide after slipping on a stray Larry the Cable Guy CD, their doctor fixes it with duct tape. "Just because he can't spout elitist medical terms and the Hypocritical Oath don't mean he can't fixeded my arm real good!" Of course, then I realize they probably don't have medical insurance to begin with, and I just get sad inside.

Supporters of both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin probably both felt their candidate won the debate last night. And it's easy to see why: Biden brought out the statistics and specifics and kept his inner tantrum to a minimum. Palin didn't completely space out, so she cleared her low hurdle as well. Yes, she quoted Ronald Reagan enough to make P. Diddy sound original, and it's hard to tell if her constant "you betchas" and "darn rights" and other hokey colloquialisms are real or forced (and which prospect is worse), but if you ignore the fact that she stuck to the script (questions be damned), then she gets a passing grade. And that, of course, means it's time for a whole different test.

The basic debate exchange boiled down to this:

Palin: "Obama voted to not support our troops. How could he not support the troops?"
Biden: "That's not true. Actually, Obama voted against that particular bill in 2007 because there was no timetable attached to it. John McCain also voted against that bill. Obama and McCain both had on blue ties that day."
Palin: "Wanting to withdraw is like WAVING A WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER!"
Biden: "Even George W. Bush and Jalal Talabani are now considering the withdrawal plan that Obama first proposed. I mean, come on."
Palin: "I want the most for our sons and daughters in Iraq. Like mine."
Biden: "I sympathize. My son's being deployed tomorrow." [Lip quivers]
Palin: "There you go again!"

That wasn't "per batem," as the reg'lar folk say, but the idea's the same. And it's enough for me to think that absolutely no one's mind was changed last night. Biden's crew got what they wanted and Palin's fan club got what apparently little they wanted. Considering the current momentum of the polls, I'm just fine with that.

Now let's go out lunch. I know a place.

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