Thursday, October 16, 2008

The all-important plumber's-crack vote

-- "Back in Arizona, Evan Mecham and I used to hold guys like you at arm's length."
-- Worst bitch-slap. Ever.
-- Even McCain had to admit it was first down for Obama
-- "Americans need a hand up, not a handout. Just don't pull too hard, because I'm an old man dry-rotted by an ancient ideology."
-- "If I hold my arm out like this, you won't notice that I'm not wearing a flag pin."
-- "I was a POW, so I can't do the terrorist fist jab all that well."
-- "See my ring? Joe the Plumber rooted it out of the drain."
-- "Oil can!"
-- Frank Luntz: "All right, who in this room now supports Obama?"
-- Inscription on his hand: "Time for a bathroom break? M"
-- "Psst,'s the name of every voter who thought I won the debate. No, the bottom two fingers."

-- Leave it to McCain to pick the worst possible way to look Reaganesque
-- "Pretzel!"
-- Wow...he really is frozen in carbonite...
-- Yes, John, it's hard not to swoon over Obama
-- For the first time, McCain reveals his initial reaction to the Sarah Palin pick
-- Fox News: "Once again, John McCain reaches across the aisle, only to be ignored by Obama."
-- "Mmmm...lipstick!"
-- "I'm open!"
-- McCain dances with the ghost of Lee Atwater
-- "My plan to tax employer health care benefits will leave a lot of Americans looking like this."
-- McCain cringed as his maverick reputation slipped out of his hands, to float away forever
-- Someone could use a McCane
-- ....


rhonda said...

been a while since you've done one of these. i like 'em.


Complaint Department Manager said...

You forgot the obvious. John walked into an Obama hanging fart cloud with his mouth open.

That was my first impression.