Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yeah, let's hope, huh?

Heard this on The Weather Channel during early Gustav coverage:

"If we're lucky, the hurricane will bypass New Orleans and move toward southwest Louisiana."


Terry Troll said...

Yeah, I caught that one. Being a resident of Sulphur, my response was...well, I had a response. Fortunately we had no damage.

Nick said...

I heard that too Sunday while we were eating lunch.

My response: "I didn't build my house or move my family into a bowl. Why should I hope the storm moves away from New Orleans only to put us in danger?"

It's tough to wish those things away from your home, because you know that means someone else will be affected, but that idiot at the Weather Channel should have been horse whipped by residents of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parish for that comment.

Nathan said...

I've heard hearsay that in other parts of the country people are saying it wasn't a big deal that Louisiana was hit by what was a minor hurricane. I've even heard (again, hearsay) that some stations reported it as making landfall as a Cat 1 storm.