Monday, September 08, 2008

Me for Vee Pee

That does it. I'm throwing in my hat for vice president in 2016.

Why 2016? I'll be 36 then, thus making me eligible, and also because that's when the Democrats will need a running mate again. That is, if simple logic prevails and Barack Obama becomes president.

"But, Ian! GOP-leaning voters aren't mere simpletons driven by fear and a mob mentality. They have plenty of intellectual considerations factoring into their decision as well."

I would certainly hope so. But in all the time Sarah Palin has been John McCain's running mate, I have yet to hear a single concrete argument in her favor. Yes, we've all heard the supposed demographic benefits ("She's good because she brings in the religious right, women voters with no principles, the anti-moose vote, etc.") as well as the cult of personality ("She's a gun-totin', moose-eatin' mama of five who's also a hottie!"). But as far as what sort of official clout she brings to the table, or what singular aspect of her leadership qualifies her above every other Republican to balance the ticket, I haven't heard much.

"But she has executive exp--"

Yes, but even if that wasn't just an easy talking point parroted by five million Palin apologists every two seconds, it still raises the question, "Why her?" Lots of able Republicans have WAY more executive experience than Palin, and probably less baggage. Also, they don't have to be sequestered from the press until they learn to answer simple questions, a la Dan Quayle. So, as of today, I still wonder what exactly makes Sarah Palin not only a worthwhile addition to the GOP ticket, but also the best person to stand a 72-year-old heartbeat away from the highest office in the world.

Instead, this is what we're getting as answers. An admirable stab from Cajun Tiger:

She is very solid pro-life. She is the mother of 5 children. Her last child has Downs Syndrome. She was told before his birth he would have Downs and it was suggested she consider an abortion. Palin didn't even give it a thought for one second. (Good thing the government didn't force that on her, hey?)

Her oldest son is in the Army and is deploying to Iraq on Sept. 11, so she knows what it is like to have a child in the military serving in Iraq. (So does Joe Biden, whose son Beau is set to ship out in October.)

She is very pro-2nd amendment. She is a lifelong member of the NRA. She is an avid hunter. (No candidate is in favor of repealing the 2nd Amendment. Michael Moore is also in the NRA.)

She is very solid on drilling as she is a huge proponent of drilling in ANWR. Alaska has 20% of US energy reserves. (A standard GOP stance on ANWR. Makes the Palin pick seem all the more like a strategic energy grab.)

She is a reformer. She challenged a Rep governor who was involved in corruption and beat him. (She ran on a reactionary "I'm Not Him" platform, and is now under investigation herself.)

And one of my personal favorites. She was the president of her FCA chapter when she played basketball in school. (I'm surprised she hasn't talked more about this. It would really beef up the PTA angle that's virtually the cornerstone of her campaign.)

Even more interesting is this list from Conservatism With Heart:

First of all, Palin has 8 years of Executive experience as Mayor and Governor. Obama has none.

Second, she has 2 years of Military experience being in charge of Alaska's National Guard. Obama has none...

Third, she has a diverse background of experience as a professional journalist, city council woman, Mayor, Governor and Mother of 5.

Fourth, she has gotten a lot done and has an incredible record for only being a Governor for 2 years. She has vetoed 300 spending proposals and has an 80% approval rating in Alaska.

Fifth, she knows what she thinks and is very articulate, attractive, passionate, idealistic and courageous. She has shown enormous courage with her oldest son going off to serve in the military and her youngest son having downs syndrome.

Sixth, she is a very competent person with a compelling story.

Seventh, she should never be underestimated. She defeated the incumbent when she ran for Mayor and she defeated the incumbent Republican Governor in the primary before going on to defeat the Democrat in the general election.

If Palin's two years as governor of a state with a population smaller than Obama's district helps her among swing voters, fine. It's telling how supporters always have to follow it up with "Obama does not have this specific experience," but whatever. What really grabs me are the other "qualifications" listed here. College education? Parent? Articulate? Attractive? Compelling story? It's about time we had somebody like that in this election!

In the interest of tit for tat, I'm throwing my cap in the ring as the next Sarah Palin. Here's why the political arena - and you, the American public - should cheer for me:

-- Was co-editor in chief of high school newspaper
-- Overcame adversity, small stature and complete lack of skills to play football and run track
-- Articulateness led to stint as Stage Manager in 7th grade class performance of Our Town
-- Was a nominee for "best looking guy" in high school (didn't win due to corruption)
-- Shot a BB gun once in Arkansas
-- Made campaign posters for friends running for student council in high school
-- Is the son of two parents, as well as brother of two
-- Mother was involved in PTC in elementary school
-- Grandfather was in the Navy Seabees during World War II and was once stationed in the Aleutian Islands
-- Once knew a former POW
-- Also knew a kid with Down syndrome
-- Doesn't hate pregnant people

But enough about my life prior to college. There's more!

-- Has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in English
-- Has executive experience executing tasks given by executives
-- Has worked as a freelance reporter, sportswriter, editorialist, copy editor, newspaper designer and blogger. Also, sports videography, retail and fast food.
-- Sports numerous scars on head, chin, back and lips, some of which are the result of health care
-- Was once asked to pose for a charity calendar
-- Has no kids, but has dated across several states, countries and cultures
-- Has been to California, a state with a governor
-- Drove a Chevrolet for 6 1/2 years
-- Loves apple pie
-- Has compelling stories to tell that he tells often
-- Remembers where he was on 9/11
-- Despite a Type-III concussion in 2000, is still articulate

Do your duty, fellow Americans.

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Nick said...

While Palin may have excited much of the conservative base, it didn't do much for me.

I was already going to vote for McCain, only reservation being if he picked Romney, and actually liked Tom Ridge out of all the "top-tier" candidates.

However, the hard right, especially social right, jumped up and down calling Ridge pro-abortion and a liberal pick.

Ridge's fiscal record as gov. is much more conservative than that of President Bush, and his expertise would have aided more to what I believe should be the number one issue, national defense, at least for Republicans since the party is self-touted as the tough on terror party.

Ridge is more pro-life than Giuliani, who was touted by right-wing hosts like Sean Hannity as one of the real conservatives in the primary.

The whole spin of the recent Republican primary and "conservative base" has made my head hurt. There's more to conservatism than just pro-life and anti-gay marriage.