Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain must REALLY not want us watching him

Since everyone else is making the comparison between Sarah Palin and Miss South Carolina, I'll make up my own:

Charles Gibson: "Do you enjoy cycling, Ian?"

Me: [Long pause] "In what respect, Charlie?"

Charlie: "As in, the definition of cycling since bicycles were invented."

Me: "I like to go from one place to another. And that's the beauty of America, being able to have the opportunity to change where you are. There are a lot of places to be. California and the Alaska, such as."

Charlie: "By cycling, I mean, getting on a bicycle and pedaling until you pick up sufficient speed to ride without losing your balance."

Me: [Wags fist at indeterminate focal point] "Look, if I want to go somewhere, I have every right to do it any way I can."

Wow. She shouldn't have done that.

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Robert Taylor said...

Now that was a funny one haha