Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hungover thoughts

--No, I haven't been drinking, but I was joking with a guy at the local Kum & Go that he never carded me the one time I bought alcohol from him. He laughed nervously, then I realized a coworker (perhaps his boss) and a cop were in the immediate vicinity. Oops. I am a bit dry with my humor. He finally said, "Yeah, but you seem like you're over 21."

I had a similar experience not too long ago, when I went the local fair with three friends. After nearly breaking my ribs on one of the rides, the carny asks me which one of them was my wife. That hurt. They used to be my girlfriends!

"What the hell? Do I look old enough to have a wife now?" I asked one of my friends.

"Well, you do look 19..."

Good point.

In an effort to combat the effects of aging that come with being a healthy 28-year-old free of your more destructive vices, I've taken to growing out my hair. I've been told I look much younger with longer hair. In fact, here's a recent picture of me:

-- Here in Missouri yesterday, I saw a guy wearing a Drew Brees jersey. A friend of mine here is also gung-ho about getting Brees on his fantasy team. That almost makes up for my sports crew changing the Saints game to the one-tenth-as-interesting Chiefs game last week. Almost.

-- If Barack Obama wins the presidential election, it won't be because so many of his supporters are bitterly paranoid about how bad he's gonna blow it. Enough with the perverse reverse psychology, guys! Yes, John Kerry lost in 2004 because we all thought he had it locked up and we were complacent; but there's only so far you need to swoop to the opposite extreme before it becomes ridiculous.

-- On two occasions this past week, I found myself out in my parking lot at 6 a.m. My car was covered in morning mist. It looked different. Dirtier.

-- My dad's birthday was this week. As a present, I made him a photo collage from pictures I had of him. It was the least I could do after he made me this:

-- What's Michael Phelps got that I haven't got? Oh, yeah, everything.

-- On Thursday, a group of hotel workers at Disneyland dressed up as beloved characters and staged a labor protest. They were all arrested, leading to the kind of pictures that make designing a newspaper almost orgasmic.

-- One of the songs on my iPod is "Along Comes A Woman" by Chicago. Why, God, why? I'm less ashamed to admit that "Too Legit to Quit" is on there.

-- My 10-year reunion is this year. I imagine a lot of people aren't going to go for a variety of reasons. Those people should get together and have an anti-reunion. I'd go.

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oh yeah. it's often been said, once you go church sweater and gigantic kielbasa...