Monday, July 21, 2008

Stoking the fires of, er, not drowning in debt

As naked a political move as the "economic stimulus" was, I still found it weird that it actually said that on the check itself. As much as it comes off as the desperate move of an unpopular president and Congress, it's just plain bossy as well. As if it's a passive-aggressive directive. Are they going to take it away if you fail to stimulate the economy?

(Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this will be counted as taxable income next April. So the answer to that rhetorical question is yes. Heh.)

I think I'll adopt this approach next time I write out a rent check. On the memo line, I'll write, "2008 Landlord Stimulus Payment, part 8." Gives it a patriotic edge, no?

My stimulus check, dated July 4th (yay America), arrived simultaneously with a notice saying I would get it soon. As incompetent as the Bush administration has been, you'd think the one thing they could get right is delivering the "Ain't we great?" notices on time. It's not as if they haven't had lots of practice with these.

And, as if to prove multiple points about the current states of education and government bureaucracy, my check not only had an incomplete address and the wrong ZIP code, but also had "Springfield" spelled wrong (Sringfield). Perhaps it's a testament to how badly God wanted George W. Bush to give out stimulus money that I got this check at all.

Oh, well. At least the cash showed up in my account, which is all that matters. Such a fitting metaphor for our government today.


rhonda said...


that's awesome...or really unfortunate and retarded.
potayto, potahto.

Nathan said...

It will not be counted as taxable income next year - it is actually an advance on next year's tax refund. What will stand to be seen, though, is whether any portion of that is to be owed back if your refund ends up being less than your rebate. The law's text is, well, very law-texty. They've stated (though I can't find where now) that no taxpayer will be required to pay back money as a result of the rebate, but we'll see.

Hathor said...

They took what I owed and sent the difference.

One persons check was sent to my place of work. The postman didn't recognize the name, so I don't think the person even lived in the neighborhood. I guess they will get their stimulus in time for Christmas.

FRITZ said...

Buying lead infused pajamas at WalMart-$20

Purchasing flat screen TV's made in China-$600

Owing China a fucking lot of money and being at the behest of a Communist country?