Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama gets a "what what" ... What?

Seen on at least two comment threads in a Louisiana online newspaper:

Obama WILL LEAD US ON A WILD RIDE AND ALSO, ON A WILD "GOOSE CHASE" with all his "Changes" he proclaims he will do, but he never says how he is going to change "what", where he is going to change "what", and with what he is going to change "what, and who will benefit for the change of "what"??? Obama talks through both sides of his mouth, one side to "invent" things to say everday, and lets them out as soon as he says them out of the other side of his mouth!!! "We", (surely me, and quite a few other people that I know and feel the same, and I am hoping it is like that throught America come voting day in November, 2008), do NOT want Obama in the White House---It would be a big Disaster to the Nation!!! If you are a Democrat, do NOT follow your Party; Instead, vote McCain, and you will have done your DUTY as a citizen of this Country...Thank You...Notary...

Look, guys...either Barack Obama is a dangerously liberal senator or a charismatic empty suit offering vague promises. Pick one and stick to it. Being at least 10 percent literate would help, also.

Yes, I know I'm picking on some anonymous nobody. But these people vote too. And, really, they aren't that far removed from the pundits they most likely adulate.

I'm not even sure what this says about Obama critics. Many of them, both online and off, seem determined to gloss over the legitimate issues (FISA, faith-based groups, Iraq timetable, etc.) and spout the lies. I personally know people who, even when proven irreversibly wrong on every count, declare that they will still believe the accusations. And, yes, the above legit issues almost never come up.

Why do people insist on being this way?


rhonda said...

"what what" indeed.

see, this is why storychat makes my face red, and why i tend to avoid it most of the time.

Terry Troll said...

Funny you should mention FISA. After I heard about his vote yesterday (and Landreiu's I might add) I took my Obama button off and started thinking if I really want to vote for him. I will certainly not vote for McSame. I have voted in every Prsidential election since '68 but his sudden shift has gotten to me. I thought he might actually be different but now I don't know.

Ian McGibboney said...

I do not agree with Obama's vote on FISA and I think it diminishes his reputation. On the other hand, I've chided conservatives for years over their knack for single-issue politics, so I don't want to be a hypocrite. Anyway, a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for McCain. That's not worth it.