Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mission accomplished

I bought ONE tank of gas in the entire month of June. I rule.

Actually, less than a tank - 8.514 gallons. $31.32.

I last topped off on May 30, a 10-gallon haul which lasted until June 16 - and I still have almost 1/4 of the June 16 tank left today. Not bad for a daily 12-mile commute and even longer drives to most other destinations.

How did I do it? Rode my bike a lot. Walked to nearby destinations. Didn't go a whole lot of places. Didn't have anyone to drive around. Car gets 34 miles per gallon. Even then, though, I usually register at least two fill-ups per month, so this is an achievement. This, combined with the 50 percent savings in my utility bill by never using central cooling, has me feeling very good about helping the environment while saving money to boot.

And, yes, the gas station really is called Kum & Go. They go all out.

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pudding-monkey said...

I am in awe. It's just gotten slightly harder for me to avoid using the car since someone stole my bike this weekend.