Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think I have a problem

Occasionally I abandon my drive to eat healthier and make late-night snack runs. This picture is the most recent result of that. My aforementioned problem has nothing to do with the respective flavors of the food items, nor the fact that one of these items is shampoo (which I don't eat, but I think actually has many of the same ingredients as the food).

No, my real concern is my apparent ability to color-coordinate my groceries. My fondness for red food (and equal disgust for creamy, white food) is all too well-known by those who have been unfortunate enough to eat with me. And it did occur to me recently that almost everything I buy is either red or has red packaging, be it spaghetti sauce, strawberries or even things that should have no red in nature, like Pop-Tarts.

Still, the red-white-yellow-green motif is a new twist on that. Is this the beginning of a more tasteful, refined Ian? Let's hope not.

(Note: The above photo is not intended as an advertisement or as proof of terrorist ties, but to illustrate a point. Do not take it at face value, nor as an inference that I am crusty, cheesy, Mexican, hot, spicy or pert. Well, maybe hot and spicy...)


Maitri said...

Red, white and green? I knew your real name was ItalIan McGibboney!


Joe said...

Ah yes, the Pert. Shampoo AND conditioner. What a time saver! If only they could find a way to incorporate underarm deodorant and jock itch powder into it, I could cut my bathroom time in half.

FRITZ said...

Similarly, all trips to 7-11 for me include brown colors. There's the coke slurpee, the coffee, and the essential Pepperidge farm beef jerky stick. Whether THAT truly qualifies as brown (or as food) I'm not sure.

So, I'm into neutrals? I think your discovery could possibly lead to a psychological study--what fake food are you?