Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Their company car's license plate reads, "DESPER8"

The Republican National Committee has started a site called "Meet Barack Obama." As one Young Republican (who misspelled his hyperlink on Facebook) describes it,

"MeetBarackObama.com features a compilation of research, videos, and criticisms from Democrat Party [sic] leaders in order to educate voters about Obama’s poor judgment and misguided vision for America."

The site is a portal of all things anti-Obama, with most links going straight to John McCain's official site or other Republican-sanctioned Obama-looking ripoff sites. True to GOP form, "Meet Barack Obama" alternates between classic forms of deliberate misinformation:

1) Saying one thing when you mean the complete opposite - The only Barack Obama you're going to meet here is the one who exists only in the paranoid dystopia where Muslim Christians hate America and sending pictures through MySpace bulletins five times makes Obama a hater of the Pledge of Allegiance.

2) Snide, borderline-libelous commentary thinly disguised as news - Sample headline from the Barack Obama Newsfeed (heh): "In Case You Missed It: Eat Crow, Iraq War Skeptics." I guess in this case, RSS stands for Really Simplistic Syndication.

3) Sinister subtexts - One square on this very square site invites you to "Compare the Candidates," which naturally links to John McCain's Decision Center. So you know it's fair and balanced. But before you even get that far, you know who's better because Barack's vaguely menacing face has been artificially darkened, while McCain's mug has that stately smirk Republicans have long confused with looking leaderly.

4) Push-polling - "What do you believe to be Barack Obama's greatest weakness as a Presidential Candidate?" I think it's that he fathered two legitimate black children.

5) Enough wink-winks to give your eyelids a six-pack - "Out of law school, he becomes a street organizer in Chicago," crows the smug female narrator who argues that Obama is unfit to be commander-in-chief (interesting emphasis). Another video talks about Tony Rezko, and why he's bad, without mentioning any Obama role in the scandal, and concluding with a completely unrelated talking point. Indeed, the whole purpose of this site isn't to make real connections, but to plaster faces, names and insults that immediately grab attention. It allows Obamaphobes to justify their fears while allowing the site to deny that it is making these connections. Beats using actual facts, I guess.

There's other stuff there too, but I've made my point. Just like the GOP has made theirs: "We don't have a candidate we like or a foot to stand on ideologically, so here's some pablum our Young Republicans dreamed up. They have that completely unhip, overly compensative bully mentality that the party needs to get us through this time of karma."

So Meet Barack Obama. Then go meet the real one.

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Michael said...

I'm thinking "Really Stupid Syndication" (or "Really Sucky Stupidity," if I'm allowed a little more literary license) would be a better anti-acronym for RSS in that case.

By the by, if you haven't seen it already, check out I'm Voting Republican. You'll laugh yourself hoarse.