Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wow. I was not expecting that at all.

While doing some research on the Young Republicans, I found this:

The current Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, Jessica Colón of Texas, was appointed in August 2007 to serve out the unexpired term of Glenn Murphy Jr. of Indiana, who was elected Chairman at the 2007 national convention but resigned during a criminal investigation for sexually assaulting a sleeping 22-year-old man after a Young Republicans party on 29 July 2007. The next convention, in 2009, will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform and Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association, were keynote speakers at the Gala banquet in 2006. However, the 2006 convention was also the scene of a crime, in which the head of the Michigan chapter of the Young Republicans, Michael Flory, sexually assaulted a young woman attending the convention.

Such refreshing nonchalance! I figured this must have been written afoul of Wikipedia's typically demanding standards, but the facts seem to vet these out. Furthermore, no equivalence or reprisal can be found on the Young Democrats page.

It's good to know the Adults Are In Charge. Because those boys ain't right.


Nick said...

The young Democrats just wait until they're older and in a position of party leadership, like Danny Ford here in Louisiana, director of the State Dems. who received his 3rd DWI a few months back.

Actually, this just proves the statistic that I hear repeated over and over again. 10% of ANY population is bad and just about useless, whether is be whites, blacks, Republicans, Democrats, athletes, lawyers, doctors, etc.

Some people just can't help but go through life as crappy individuals.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, DWIs are certainly bad, but I think sexual assault is worse, especially when it is done by so many in positions of power.

I agree that every bunch has bad apples, but you're talking about a near-systematic trend of sexual and other types of assault charges leveled against politicians on a regular basis. And when so much of it centers around those who cry "values" the loudest, it's a trend that cannot be ignored.

Ian McGibboney said...

Let me clarify: I'm not trying to say one crime is less tragic than the other. I've known people deeply affected by both. And both kinds of crimes deserve counseling for both perpetrator and victim. What I'm pointing out is hypocrisy and systematic moral weakness.

Nick said...

I agree that sexual assault is worse than the vast majority of DWIs, and you're well aware of how I feel about those who take the sexual assault a few steps further.

I think if we were able to dig enough, we'd find the same number of despicable crimes from political leaders on both sides of the isle.

You do have a valid point about those who campaign on family values knowing they've done the complete opposite, though. Short of Vitter running for re-election against a convicted felon or worse, I won't be voting for him in two years. And he's made some good votes, IMOH, regarding illegal immigration and CAFTA, but the lights shined on his hypocricy stinks to high heaven.

The sad thing is, he convinced hundreds of REAL family value voters, those who actually live by values of honoring your spouse, etc., to take time out of their busy lives and campaign for him back in 2004. Those are the people I feel bad for throughout the whole Vitter situation.

If only Madam D.C. would have lived to reveal her records. That would have been a real service for the social conservative crowd.