Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama criticism in a nutshell

Let's see, Mr Obama backs up his racists pastor. Who by the way will soon be living in a predominately white neighborhood in a 10,000 sqft home with a $10 million credit account.

Mrs Obama says she has never been proud of her country. Sounds like Islam to me.

Mr Obama says that hard working people like us cling to our guns and our religion when there is bitterness towards the government.

Mrs Obama says that the rich and middle class need to give more of what they work hard for to give to those who do not want to work.

Sounds like more welfare entitlement.

And you think we have problems with immigration, wait till Obamas government kicks you out of your house to place some "underprivaleged family" in.

Mr Obama is the masked man. He will say whatever it takes to get the vote.

Ever heard of a wolf in sheeps clothing?

This country IS ready for a black president, just not a black democrat.


If you're wondering why I've blogged at a slower pace lately, it's because I'm still waiting to address some real criticism about Barack Obama, rather than the latest Fox News Swift Boat "He's Not Like Us" talking point. Maybe I should talk about something else while I'm holding my breath.

On the radio right now, the morning radio chatterheads are debating the all-time best album art. When a caller suggested Michael Jackson's "Thriller," one of the DJs admitted that he was mesmerized by the "Off the Wall" sleeve design as a kid. He got teased mercilessly by the others for it, as if liking Michael Jackson was some odd fetish in 1979. Michael's Not Like Us! Hell, Obama was probably a fan back in the day.

Oh, dammit...I probably just stumbled upon the next Pointless Obama Talking Point! I should really go ride my bike or something.


Terry Troll said...

It was ok to be a fan back in the day. Now however....

Ian McGibboney said...

However what? It's not cool to like Obama now because of something someone else said? Because he said some voters were bitter and clinging to guns and religion as a result?

The problem with the anti-Obama camp is that your over-righteous overreactions to Obama's gaffes far outweigh any actual repercussions. And Obama's reasoned yet pointed responses so far outclass anything you guys have to say that you sound all that more desperate.

You guys need to just outright say, "He's Not One of Us," instead of implying it through every false outrage Fox News throws at you.

Nathan said...

I think they meant be a fan of Michael Jackson, Ian. :)

I could always be wrong, though...

Terry Troll said...

Actually, I was refering to MJ. I am not an Obama supporter right now but will become one if he continues and gets the nomination. I like much of what he says but I seem to find him a little thin skinned and whiney. I worry what will happen when the R's really start. I also am not sure his closet has been completely gone through yet. I think Clinton may be more electable.
The important thing though is no continuation of the Bush Administration through "Sydney" McCain.

Ian McGibboney said...

Ah, I see...well, I still don't see the point of razzing someone for saying they liked MJ back when everyone in the world did. And most people around the world still do, even if Americans have largely been turned off...

I disagree about Obama being whiny and thin-skinned. He's actually the least thin-skinned in the race, especially compared to Hillary. Barack gets a lot of critics' goats because he swiftly and easily rebuts any and all attacks that come his way. And he does it while being careful not to cut down anyone personally. It's hard for old-school politicians to rebut that without proving his point for him, hence the desperate measures.

Put another way: When I see Obama campaign, I see him debating ideas and making his case. Hillary, on the other hand, assaults Obama's character and mocks his assertions rather than addressing them. Doing so pisses away any electability advantage she might have over Obama (which I find is mostly illusion anyhow).

And what is with the "Sydney" moniker? Is that a misspelled attempt to "Hussein" McCain?

Terry Troll said...

Sidney is his middle name. It is a sarcastic slap at those who insist that "well, Hussein is his name why not use it". See, I really am for the dems.
Sorry about the Y.