Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hillary is very rocky indeed

Hillary Clinton to fight on 'like Rocky'

What a visual metaphor for the Democrats! Except for the obvious.

This may be nitpicking, but didn't Rocky lose to the black guy? I mean, yeah, he beat him the second time around, but barely. And it wasn't until Apollo joined forces with him that Rocky really became unstoppable. But even then, Apollo was the mentor.

Also, there's that whole thing about being the underdog. Hillary's a fine leader, but she can't convincingly go from "inevitable" to "scrappy challenger" just because the election hasn't been a cakewalk.

If only things had gone right in 2004...

On the other hand, maybe Hillary is smart to set herself up as the only one who can beat the Russians. When Ivan Drago slips on those gloves at 3 a.m. and wants to meet America in the back alley like a bleeding Tommy Gunn, we'll be glad we made the right choice in Pennsylvania.

Wouldn't it be great if the Democrats were as good at fighting Republicans as they are at fighting themselves?

(Incidentally, it's very likely I'm mining the same rich comic material as dozens of other bloggers, writers and pundits. If so, it's unintentional. It's just way too easy!)

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rhonda said...

sometimes it's the littlest things that pull a day back from the brink of being shit.

you'll be my hero if you can find some way, ANY way at all, to use a metroid screen shot :)