Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's lesson in stereotypes

Driving shortly before rush hour this afternoon, I found myself at a yellow left-turn arrow. Rather than make a screaming turn through the busy intersection, I decided to slow to a stop. This caused a giant white Hummer barreling behind me to skid to a halt. I expected the driver - an older, preppy white man - to be pissed, but he was too busy yakking on his large cell phone. And reading. He did divert his eyes long enough to realize he didn't have time for this plebeian stopping business, deciding to swing back into the traffic flow, and missing my car by inches. When I got a clear turn three seconds later, I saw the Hummer in a nearby Wal-Mart, plowing toward the front row of parking spaces.

Way to reinforce about 24 stereotypes, sir.

Funny thing is, a Volkswagen New Beetle did something very similar to me a few minutes later. Weird.


rhonda said...

it's a bird! it's a plane!

NO! it's Stereotype Man!

his apparent counterpart stereotype woman veered into my lane the other day. upon closer inspection, i saw that it was because she was eating a whopper. a fucking whopper. it saddens me to think that my death could very well have involved mayonnaise.

Mustang Bobby said...

Ironically, you wrote this post on the very same day that an old gaffer here in Coral Gables wasn't paying attention when he made his left turn five feet in front of me, causing us to total both cars.