Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Next week they'll admit this is an election year

U.S. admits economy in downturn

Wow! What possibly led them to that notion? Was it the subprime loan crisis? The constant rate-cutting by the Fed? The soaring inflation? Record oil prices? The dollar's unprecedented weakness against the euro? Shattered consumer confidence? One of Wall Street's largest financial firms being put on life support? Billions and billions flushed into Iraq forever? Repeated tax cuts for the wealthy and big business in time of dire financial need? Diminished medical benefits among the lucky ones with health insurance? The highest job-cut figure in five years? Businesses ranging from record labels to family farms unable to compete in a global, corporate marketplace? All that and more?

But, most of all, could it be this administration's extreme reluctance to address the issue aside from proposing more of the same stupid policies that helped get us in trouble in the first place? They're like the stupidest kind of drug addict, one who tells you through sallow skin and missing teeth that there's no problem, then finally fessing up (once their nose caves in) and asking if you have more crack. And, so far, we've been the best enablers a junkie could ever have.

Someone's gotta be laughing all the way to the bank. Or, at this point, to their mattress.


rhonda said...

the u.s. admitting economy is in dire straits is like me admitting that i have a nose- it's right fucking there.

i don't know what's more depressing, the fact that any administration would treat its citizens like a bunch of idiots like this one does, or the fact tha this country actually IS full of idiots who still defend this abusive administration.

gg said...

What's his approval rating these days? Looks to be about 30 percent. That's not good, even for a D student.