Monday, March 03, 2008

It's partisan time!

If you're on facebook, you might be interested in this group: Republicans vs Democrats. It's an open group, and it tells its members to "invite everyone........"

So that's exactly what I'm doing.

You see, I joined this group after being moved by their introductory passage comparing Republicans to Democrats. Some choice excerpts:

Republicans support the freedom to bear arms. This gives law abiding citizens the opportunity to protect themselves. While democrats want strict gun laws so that their citizens are "Powerless". This works toward their ultimate goal of socialism/ communism.

Republicans favor a strong military to protect its citizens. Democrats want to downsize our military leaving us at the mercy of countries like China and Russia.

Republicans feel that a good family background is important. Democrats seek to destroy the foundation of the family.

Republicans see flag burning as unacceptable. Democrats along with the aclu see this as freedom of expression.

Republicans want a smaller federal government with the power in the hands of its citizens. Democrats want a large and controlling government who seek to exploit us for their benefit.

This screed was followed by numerous comments in similar throbbing veins. So I posted a comment to the effect of, "Republicans have to act as if they're the only ones for such abstract concepts as 'life,' 'liberty' and 'family,' because few would vote for a party that straight-up calls for repression of women and minorities, corporatism and killing foreigners. Anyone should be suspect of the GOP's unwillingness to clarify what it stands for."

I don't remember exactly what I wrote, because (big shock alert) it was removed the very next day, and now I am banned from their message board. Out of sight, out of mindless.

Once again, we see how conservative college students handle opposing opinions. Not with debate, but with a ban. Nice. I can only hope apple-cheeked students don't take this moronic rhetoric at face value. But apparently, at least 79 people do. The rest get deleted, as if we don't exist. Which, come to think of it, is very much like the Bush administration. Bravo!

So, facebookers, show your support at that ultimate First Amendment zone, Republicans vs Democrats. It's one righteous party, dude!


gg said...

Apparently, Republicans don't believe in free speech. Big shocker!

rhonda said...

until i got down to the part where you got banned, i took all of that to be at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek. i know i'm usually guilty of being a little on the knee-jerk side at times quickly irritated by things along these lines, but their crappy manna read like something straight out of the onion. it's so creepily out there that i took it as a joke...except that it's not funny because these people are dead serious! WOW.