Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wow! My vote COUNTED for once!!!

Barack Obama wins nail-biter in Missouri!

All through the night, the major networks and even the Associated Press (the above link notwithstanding) had the Show-Me State called for Hillary. I had already sped through the five stages of grief before that call was reversed. A nifty rant had lined up in my mind within minutes.

Alas, I later heard the good news. And I groaned, because we had already devoted our front page to different results and I had to stay at work an extra half-hour to help revise.

Let it never be said that I vote strictly out of self-interest.

Oh, and "Uncommitted" came out on top among Greene County Libertarians. Buncha swingers, that group.


Nick said...

Seems to me most of the Libertarians would have voted in the Repub. Primary for Ron Paul.

rhonda said...

hmmm. my vote counting here...that's somewhere between a wet dream and a pipe dream.