Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things Republicans should never say in public

"There's a lot of lazy Missourians that don't want to do anything."
--Missouri Speaker of the House Rod Jetton, explaining why so many illegal immigrants reside in the state

"It's stunning to me that when (Bush) says he needs to monitor calls to terrorists territories (of) known geographic terrorist activities, some people see that as an infringement [of their civil liberties]." -- John Ashcroft

"I must tell you I reject the idea that freedom and security are items that should be balanced. I do not believe any value stands on the same level or has the same importance to the American culture than freedom. It stands alone." --Ashcroft again, balking at the idea that security can infringe upon freedom

"Missouri is an island of hope in an otherwise grim landscape."
--Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond, R-Mo., referring to the GOP's chances in 2008

It gets better here and here.

On an even better note, kudos to Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska and the U.S. Virgin Islands for handing Democrat tallies to Barack Obama. And, as has mostly been the case, he won his races more handily than his Republican equivalents.

Could the pendulum finally be swinging away from crazy? Time is telling...

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yournamehere said...

I want the Democratic candidate to win, but worst case scenerio, if McCain wins, he'll be a hundred times better than George Bush. And Rush and Ann hate his guts.

Still, I would prefer Obama.