Friday, February 22, 2008

Lots of exclamation points make for lucid points about sex

A friend of mine recently passed on an anti-abortion e-mail. Real graphic, late-term stuff too, presumably to dash pro-choicers' notions of abortion being appetizing and fun. I learn something new every day.

But I can take that. I am, after all, from ultra-conservative, ultra-Catholic south Louisiana. Frankly, I'm more surprised when I don't get stuff like this. Even so, the three tacked-on statements at the end gave me pause (faux grammar intact, obviously):

A baby is a living thing. thats like killing one of your friends!!!

I've never killed a baby (or a fetus) and I've only wounded a few of my friends, so I'll have to take your word on this one.

ITS A BABY, NOT A CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shucks! Here I was about to choose life...

And finally, the jewel in this crown of thorny craponyms:

if you dont wanna baby dont have sex

Thanks, Dubya! Those millions sure were well-spent.

Telling anyone "if you don't wanna baby, don't have sex" is like saying, "if you don't wanna die in a collision, don't get in a car." Sometimes you just need a ride.

I used to understand the argument behind the abstinence-only attitude. But then I went through puberty, and came to realize (as we all do) that even the most principled abstintee will find themselves tempted in the right circumstances. And when that happens to one of our young people, shouldn't they be educated so that they can make the best decision? Who knows, that decision may even be not to have sex! When made on a firm foundation in reality, as opposed to 'Just Say No"-type designer morality, such a decision rings all the more solidly. And isn't that the real goal? On second thought, don't answer that.

Fear-based absolutisms don't stop sex. But they may just stop blood flow to the brain.


Michael said...

"Fear-based absolutisms don't stop sex. But they may just stop blood flow to the brain."

The problem being, they don't stop blood flow to the other head.

rhonda said...

oh, those emails. even though i wish it weren't so, i always respect the person who sent them a little less after i get one. it is NOT because i am pro-choice, but because i find it very difficult to respect anyone who tries to underscore their own opinions with emotional brutality. i do not support the war or anything about it, but i wouldn't be caught dead emailing people pictures of civilian casualties or other such images. such brute force doesn't accomplish anything except make all points moot. i cultivated that perspective long before email was even a common amenity when not knowing what it was, i was dragged into the church-sponsored Hell House at age fourteen. i wasn't old enough to get into an R-rated movie because my ears were too delicate to withstand the word "fuck," but it was a-okay for me to gawk at a loop of real abortions on several TV screens while a piss-poor skit of a botched abortion played out in the foreground.

ending on the bright side, it never helps that these emails are always in engrish. the "wanna baby" line made me shimmy in my seat. "wanna fanta, don't you wanna, wanna fanta?" :)