Monday, January 14, 2008

Caption doubleheader

"Burning Bush" edition

--Talk about preaching to the choir!
--Now we know where an American soldier isn't buried...
--Worst Bennigan's birthday cupcake. Ever.
--"Here lies the world's respect for the U.S. I will now deliver the u-google-y."
--As if everyone didn't already know that Bush is full of hot air
--That yarmulke may alienate religious-right voters when Bush runs in '08
--Religion always seems to light a fire in Bush's ass
--"Any Pabst under this blue ribbon?"
--So Bush actually is steering us into the ground!
--Dubya thought he saw his soul reflected in the memorial, but it was just granite
--"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere..."
--A true metaphor for...well, everything
--"Whatever happens, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion."
--One can only imagine what inhumane training prepares Marines for this sort of spectacle
--As Bush would soon learn the hard way, lifting the lid off Pandora's Box is murder on the back
--The closest Dubya is likely to get to an eternal flame...for the time being, anyway

"Jindal makes a swear" edition

--Typically, Louisiana governors swear only after taking office
--"I have to wait this many years to get another job? Deep breath..."
--Bobby Jindal introduces the gesture that will end all corruption in Louisiana
--"I vow to exorcise constitutional rights..."
--With his inauguration, Jindal vows not to repeat the mistakes of the Blanco regime, such as letting Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and occasionally acknowledging the existence of universities other than LSU
--Those bad decisions in 2003 just keep haunting us, don't they?
--Wow, the Democrats must have really screwed up...
--"Judge! We must combine our powers to beat Superman!"
--Boy, is this administration gonna hurt when Bush gets out of office...
--"Whoa, stop! I'm doing what?!!"
--A bunch of white Republicans watch America's first Indian-American governor get sworn in. Yeah, that's not funny, but it's definitely something to think about...

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Leigh C. said...

For the Bush pic:

"The ass, the ass, the ass is on fire!!!"

This whole captioning thing is certainly going around...