Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dollars so weak, they give you two for the price of one

Remember that time I got sequential dollar bills attached to each other? Well, it happened again, this time at a Starbucks in Springfield:

I'd tell you which Starbucks, but you might get confused and go to the wrong one across the street (Lewis Black sure nailed that one. Actually, there's one literally next door to another in Lafayette now, so Black'll have to refine his act).

In any event I'm glad this happened again. It's just more money for me to pay my $90 electric bill, which is a huge leap over last month's $58. Even with the winter months, I call shenanigans; I was in Louisiana all of last week and I make like Jimmy Carter with the heater. Was there a sweater surcharge?

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Schroeder said...

Jimmy Carter with a sweater? Son, you're showin' yer age.

BTW, you'll get a kick out of this: