Saturday, December 08, 2007

Acadiana High to defend Louisiana football title tonight

Go Destrehan!!

Last year at this time, I posted the "motivational" speech I would have given the Wrecking Rams if I were their head coach. No excerpt does it justice. Maybe its ironic karma will actually work this time.

I like this line from The Daily Advertiser about tonight's matchup:

The Rams, who are making a third straight appearance in the title game, are viewed as a superbly coached machine not blessed with an abundance of college talent.

And who's behind that superbly coached machine? Coach Gingrich.

Here's to tomorrow's headline: "RAMS WRECKED!" Big font. 128-point, at least.

Be they from St. Louis or Scott, Rams simply should not win in the Superdome. Redeem, Dome. Redeem.



Anonymous said...

Do we really need war type for a high school football game?

Let them have their day. Stop hating.

Ian McGibboney said...

Um, they've had plenty of "days." They're the Yankees of Lafayette football.

You obviously didn't play for Lafayette High.

Bridget said...

Acadiana who? Who cares.

Go Mighty Lions!

sophmore-acadiana said...

the RAMS beat them lions.
they suckkk.
it isnt the RAMS fault
that they are fantastic.
we only lost ONE game.
how bout that??