Saturday, November 10, 2007

Strike one, writers!

Lately I've been marveling over the concentration of good fortune that some cities seem to have sports-wise, such as New Orleans (Saints and Hornets) and Boston (Red Sox, the Patri-rots).

Knock on wood for New Orleans.

Conversely, Denver has to be so disappointed in its recent heartbreaks (Rockies and Broncos) that there's nothing high about the city.

Right now, America's most high-profile writers are living in Denver. Metaphorically speaking, of course. And because they are, you'll just have to settle for stupid observations like that one. Because I'm the best you've got right now!

In what may be the only labor movement in decades that might ultimately work out for labor, Hollywood writers have gone on strike. Actors have joined them on the picket line, which means that our steady supply of passive entertainment should dry up at about the same time that Atlanta will. And guess which one of those will prompt a larger outcry.

I wonder if I should cross the picket line and prove my Hollywood mettle, a la John Fourcade for the Saints during the 1987 NFL strike? Or should I show my solidarity with the striking writers as they hold out for Internet and other outside royalties? Fortunately, that quandary is eased somewhat by the complete fiction of the first option. Solidarity, scribblers!

Further darkening the world for people who like to read good things, Norman Mailer died. And so did Kurt Vonnegut before him. Both at 84. I guess 84 is the new 27! BAM! I'm on fire, baby!

Please hurry back, Hollywood. I don't think anyone can take much more of this.

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Cajun Tiger said...

I don't know all the details, but this may be the first strike that I actually support.