Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is this the dumbest thing Bush has ever said?

At any given time, George W. Bush is one of two things: hypocritical or stupid. Well, OK, he's always stupid. But sometimes that stupidity is accompanied by statements so hypocritical that it's a wonder Bush wasn't president in 1984. For example, weapons of mass destruction - Bush rattles his sabers over the horrors of WMDs, as if his aggressive foreign policy and nuclear threats aren't the reason most nations want them in the first place. At this point, I genuinely can't decide whether Bush is 1) simply a moron or 2) so drunk with power that he feels he can impose standards that don't apply to him. Either way, he has become one of the most arrogant and ignorant men ever to hold power. Too blunt? You tell me:

"You can't be the president and the head of the military at the same time."

Yes, he actually said this about Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday! Not to his face, of course; that would have set Bush up for criticism, and dialogue is just not the man's style.

Bush made the statement in reaction to Musharraf's tendency to don military apparel. Yes, we certainly wouldn't want a reckless leader undermining world diplomacy by flexing his warrior muscles, now would we?

On the other hand, I'm more than willing to hold Bush to his word. Since he's both the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he should be asked to step down from one of those posts. When he drops the presidency (which you know he would), he would no longer be bound to honor the Constitution and its whole trip about being the president and the head of the military at the same time!

For someone so fond of telling others what they should and should not say, Bush sure can't control his own idiotic mouth. I say he should follow the recipe for success comedian David Brenner prescribed to him in 2000: "Don't say anything else!"

Sound advice.

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Busplunge said...

#2 So drunk with power he thinks that he can impose standards on others that don't apply to him.

ps, as Woody P Snow might say, "love your blog"