Tuesday, November 06, 2007

God is love

Here's a note for you - we have no agenda and we need no half-truths [...] You choose to ignore it at your own peril and the cost is so great you will bare it for eternity. But ultimately, it is your choice. Your blog saddens me for you really. And just an FYI, as a person married for 7 years, I am honored to be called Mrs. - marriage is a beautiful relationship between two committed people who are willing to sacrifice self to serve the other. That's what is wrong with all you liberals these days - you have no values left (if you ever had any to begin with) and no sense of honor, community and love. All you care about is spreading hatred and bitterness around the world. You are in our prayers. D. D. P.

The above is from a comment I received today on this post from 2004. It was a response to an e-mail forward I received claiming that those darn atheists were at it again, trying to remove all references to God from the public airwaves. It made reference to so-called recent successes by Madalyn Murray O'Hair in working toward that end. Seeing as how she was killed in 1995, my B.S. detector immediately went off. By now, it's common knowledge that petition 2493 is an urban legend.

My point in the post was that people aligned with the religious right will forward anything they think helps their cause, even when they are the flimsiest and most easily disprovable fakes on the Internet. I received one just recently, in fact. And it's likely to happen again.

D.D.P. has pointed out - correctly - that Focus on the Family has distanced itself from this e-mail and spells out the same facts that I did. Fair enough. Assuming that this notification was published prior to 2004, then I was wrong to say James Dobson or Focus on the Family was behind the forward's visit to my inbox.

But my point still stands that fact-checking is a distant priority for those who wish to keep the alarm train wailing. These e-mails serve no purpose other than to stoke the self-diagnosed "victim" status that the religious right puts on every time its aggressive revisionism is rightfully called out. Oh, but by pointing this out, I'M the one who needs prayers from these righteously judgmental do-gooders?

Look, I don't care what you believe in or don't believe in, as long as you aren't crashing planes into towers or trying to stop scientific (or gay) advances. But don't tell me I'm an evil, hateful person because the American theocrats are unwilling to sift fact from fiction. That says nothing about me and everything about you. And why I am proud not to be aligned with the increasingly desperate religious right.

Oh, and I'm certainly not against marriage; in fact, I support gay marriage, which means I support more marriage than the religious right does. What I do object to - and this transcends any political or religious view - is people who get married and trade off any semblance of individuality they once had. Commitment can be wonderful, but it doesn't have to turn anyone into the Surrendered Wife. I don't want anyone to "serve" me. I'm not a country. Love should conquer all, not judgment. Remember when God was love?

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