Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting sick from viral campaigns

As sick as I am of receiving suspiciously similar campaign e-mails each day from candidates I never supported in the first place, I'm even sicker of seeing messages like this in every single newspaper and YouTube forum I visit:

Yes indeed, the Saints are on a roll. Drew Brees has found his rhythm, Reggie Bush seems intent on running aggressively, Deuce-style, and the secondary is finally stepping up in the long game. They have a tough row ahead with the Jaguars, especially since the Superdome hasn't yet been an advantage for New Orleans this year. But I think they have what it takes to seize the game and, ultimately, the NFC South.

When the media pundits and most Americans have written off someone, that's when they're most motivated to make a triumphant comeback. RON PAUL is that kind of candidate. He is exactly what we need to make a comeback in America! It may be fourth and inches right now, but trust RON PAUL to get those inches in our time of need! He has a tough row ahead with the jackals in the Republican Party, but only RON PAUL has the integrity to win the American south, and everywhere else! He's finding his rhythm, and is ready to step up his own long game!

Vote for RON PAUL. He's a Saint!

It's almost enough to put some pesticide on those grassroots.

Facing a long uphill battle against established GOP also-rans, Ron Paul is running as the supposed antidote to all the corruption currently corrupting the Republican Party. Which should tell you a lot about the guy's opportunism. But I digress.

In Springfield, you can't drive past most telephone poles without seeing a homemade wood sign stenciled simply, "Ron Paul 2008," in red, white and blue colors. Just so you know he's on America's side, of course. Our newspaper ran a story on these signs, noting at one point that they actually violate city statutes. This was apparently the case in Lafayette when I was 12, when a Bill Clinton flier I posted on the telephone pole across the street from my house was taken down within an hour. But because Ron Paul is polling among local Republicans more than every other candidate combined, that apparently doesn't matter; the signs are still all over the city. I guess you could say that, unlike George W. Bush, Paul listens to the poles. (I'm here all week, folks.) Online, sentiments like the message above are in every local Internet forum, no matter how dubious the connection to the actual topic.

Which is why I predict the RON PAUL REVOLUTION® will sputter even before the real campaigning begins. Let's face it - he's as likely to win the nomination as Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo. At some point (which may have already happened), Paul's support will reach critical mass and the PR blitz that's working so well now will become a mere exercise in self-congratulation. And then it could backfire into the Republicans as well, being that it shows the increasingly aggressive ideological split within the party. Which almost makes me want Paul to keep going, obnoxious though his campaign is.

In the campaign's defense, though, it is great to see grassroots energy being harnessed with the idea of changing the wretched status quo. All we need to do now is channel it away from Ron Paul and use it for good.


Nick said...

Oh no, you did it now, Ian. Soon you will have libertarian Paul supporters from all over commenting about how dumb you are to be fooled by the media that helped Bush plan 9/11 and now wants to keep Ron Paul's momentum down.

I actually agree with many of Paul's domestic points. I agree with libertarians on various issues. But I have to say, Paulites and Libertarians are an irritating bunch.

I remember libertarians on my site commenting about how great T. Lee Horne was doing and how he had such great support across the state. He got 2,600 votes in the Governor's race. Less than 1%.

I used to have Ron Paul as one of my "friends" on Myspace. I had to remove him b/c my inbox and board was constantly being spammed with "Tell the media to stop supressing Ron Paul" and "Vote for Ron Paul in the Tyler County Independent School District Presidential Poll!!"

I've come to dislike the man some because of his views on the War on Terror, but mostly because of the irritating campaign and supporters.

GumboFilé said...

I love it when you two make kissy face.

Ian McGibboney said...

I saw that Humid Haney is now considering Paul, which has netted him several very cult-like comments.

Personally, the only libertarian I can stand is Bill Maher. I like libertarianism as much as I like neoconservatism, maybe even less. Its philosophy is consistent only in the slightest sense - that the government should butt out - and otherwise is very hostile to the idea of community.

While I don't agree with everything Hillary or Barack do, it's not as if I like half of their ideas and despise the other half. That's not a gamble I'm willing to make with someone like RON PAUL.