Friday, October 12, 2007

Informed of the news, Bush said, "Not without a fight!"

Five years after ex-president Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize, America's most cheated election winner wins the same honor. Carter won it for his decades of peaceful diplomatic efforts, while Al Gore has won it this year for his environmental efforts.

As frustrated as I often get with the Democrats - I'm not one myself - honors such as these confirm my long-held belief that even the party's most-maligned figures are leaps and bounds better than the best ruling Republican. One group espouses faith-based, peace-through-strength nonsense while rattling their holier-than-thou sabers at every opportunity, while the other works tirelessly to mend sore relations and poverty, even out of power. Kind of like how the Clinton and Gore kids don't get arrested nearly as often as their Bushian counterparts.

Oh, well. It's good that the adults are in charge, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Good for Al!. Democrats rock!!