Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I get my news from print and the Internet

Last night, I was watching a local newscast. Local news, weather - so far, so good. Towards the end, however, the affiliate suddenly went to its "Fox reporter in Washington," who gave a very editorialized take on the New York Times/ advertising incident (with the Coulter-esque argument that the reduced ad rate obviously meant the two were in cahoots). As the "reporter" went on, I thought about how the White House got busted a couple of years ago for assembling pro-administration segments and offering them to local networks to run as straight reports (which many did).

I swear I heard my TV breathe a sigh of relief as I turned it off.

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Cajun Tiger said...

I believe you are mixing facts. The planted "news" stories were in Iraq, not the US.