Monday, August 27, 2007

The grass seemed greener this morning...

Another crooked domino finally falls

What is the best part about Alberto Gonzales resigning as attorney general? It's hard to say. But I think the fact that George W. Bush did not initially accept his resignation - and ultimately gave a bitter, petulant and immensely hypocritical statement about how this was caused by politics - may take the honor.

The resignation is especially significant because it marks one of the only (if not the first) occasions Bush could not even try to dismiss with his trademark bluster. If he's ever seemed weaker, we haven't seen it. I hope that the last few Bush supporters will finally see him for what he is: a spoiled rich boy who pouts when he can't get the gangrenous hegemony he thinks he deserves. And we don't need that in a store manager, much less in a president.

Between this happy event and Michael Vick pleading guilty on dogfighting charges, maybe we're in for some long-overdue karma after all.


Cajun Tiger said...

While I'm not that upset over his departure, mind telling me what crime he committed?

Ian McGibboney said...

I'd like to know exactly what Gonzales is hiding. If you read the article I linked, you'd see that Bush is virtually alone in defending the attorney general. Even most Republicans wanted him gone. For example:

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, added, “Even after all the scrutiny, it doesn’t appear that Attorney General Gonzales committed any crimes, but he did make management missteps and didn’t handle the spotlight well when they were exposed.”

Even if no crimes have been committed per se - which we have yet to find out - Gonzales has been secretive, uncooperative and incompetent; even John Ashcroft balked at warrantless wiretapping, and many Justice Department officials have voiced disapproval of the excessively political manner in which Gonzales has conducted the DOJ.

In essence, Gonzales was the epitome of everything wrong with the Bush administration: a crony hiding behind a veil of secrecy to dismantle civil liberties and run his post into the ground. I, for one, will not miss him.

Cajun Tiger said...

"it doesn’t appear that Attorney General Gonzales committed any crimes" So as suspected you have nothing, but just taking another cheap shot. Bush is loyal to a fault which is why he kept him, nothing more nothing less. Try to come up with conspiracy theories all you like, but there are none.

Ian McGibboney said...

Bush and Gonzales don't technically break the law because they rewrite the law in terms of executive orders, pressure to Congress and through the ouster of attorneys who interpret the law in ways unfavorable to the administration. So even if they never find one violation of the law against Gonzales, he has still been an accomplice in the aptly named "Mayberry Machiavellism" that has rendered our government a den for incompetent, yet dangerous, cronies.

But I'd be willing to bet he is hiding something. Gonzales is more evasive than Cheney, and there is always a reason for such behavior.

However, you're right about Bush. He is loyal. Fatally loyal. He is willing to sacrifice the integrity of everything the U.S. stands for just so he can say, "I never wavered." Well, guess what: he needs to waver, because he is a disaster. But he will "stay the course" because he'd rather lose the favor of nearly 80 percent of Americans than admit that he's not perfect. His hubris is not the kind of loyalty America needs. What you call loyalty, I call being hardheaded.

Cajun Tiger said...

Let's see...Clinton/Reno fires 93 attornies and that is a-ok. Bush/Gonzales fires 8...OUTRAGE!!! Yep...that's fair.

And what have the Dems done so well that they have even lower approval ratings than Bush?