Monday, August 06, 2007

Caption Central

"We've got a pulse!" edition

Charles Dharapak / The Associated Press

I could be really, really mean and Photoshop a "Mission Accomplished" banner onto this picture. But I'm not in the same mood I was in Saturday. I chalk up the "Flatlining" entry to sheer exhaustion, though I meant it at the time. But my mom apparently took it too literally, so I figure I'd at least rectify it. Also, I should call her more often. Anyway, here are some captions:

--Bush discovers yet another "part of the world" in Minnesota
--Using Iraq criteria, that's progress
--"Psst, Bush...I know it's hard, but...turn around"
--What's left of Clinton's Bridge to the 21st Century
--"You never hear about the bridge that didn't fall!"
--To Bush, this was further proof that the federal government can't do anything right
--Bush immediately ruled out guns, though not gay marriage, as cause for collapse
--Dubya immediately ordered five billion popsicle sticks (but didn't fund the mandate)
--"We fight the terrorists over there, so it only looks like we're fighting them here"
--For some reason, "Let's Roll" never made it into the speech
--"Oh my! What a tragedy! We're so gonna lose Minnesota in '08."
--"Damn...thought that was a toppled oil derrick...nevermind..."
--"Can't we just get those guys from the Iwo Jima picture to prop it back up?"
--"Where the hell is the National Guard? Oh..."
--Hey, Bush! Thumbs-up if this bothers you!


Cajun Tiger said...

Welcome back...I was a little bummed that you might be gone for awhile...I enjoy our debates as it forces me to stay on top of my game and you can hold your own without the venomous language found on sites like Kos and DU...definitely call your mom more!!! =)

Leigh C. said...

"You mean, that's NOT Niagara Falls???!!!???"

Glad you're here.

Nick said...

Back already??

You didn't anyone a chance to miss you.

Donnie McDaniel said...

A failure takes a look at another failure.

dillyberto said...

glad you're not too burned out,

it's only training camp