Thursday, July 12, 2007

A political plank in Vitter's eye

The Daily Advertiser has a great comment thread (thanks Greg) that encapsulates much of the debate about David Vitter's little, uh, indiscretion. The main point of contention on this thread is over whether or not the diaper call even matters. And, of course, Vitter apologists are laying on the who-cares attitude, as if they learned that just a little too late from the Bill Clinton mess.

Of course, it does matter in this case, because it directly relates to...wait, what?

David Vitter needs to step up and take the heat. So far he has been AOL, and he needs to end that.

Not sure how AOL's recent woes translate to this topic, but...oh, I get it...he means AWOL! Like a true Republican family-values morality hawk! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

AOL! That's funny! AOL!! LOL!!!

Sorry. Easy laugh for an easy mistake.

In all seriousness, though, sexual indiscretions matter when they violate a cornerstone of a candidate's entire platform. Vitter built his entire reputation on a sentiment that can be distilled thusly: "I am a devoted family man who is sick and tired of the left's full-frontal assault on family values, morality and Christianity. Elect me and I will clean up our spiritual mess and return Louisiana to its Godly roots, one conservative measure at a time." In this case, apparently whatever measure his madam recorded.

It seems to me that if these guys want to instill old-fashioned values into politics, they could at least practice what they preach. How hard can it be to live morally? I have no hard time with it, and there's no voice in my head (or self-imposed and impossibly high standard) demanding I do so.

Hey, maybe that's the ticket!


Cajun Tiger said...

Definitely in no way excusing his behavior, but knowing a little about living a double life I pray he has truly gotten the help needed through the counseling he and his wife went to. Just b/c he said one thing and did another doesn't necessarily make him a hypocrite, it makes him weak.

I totally believed what I was doing was wrong, but was to weak to stop it on my own. When I finally surrendered completely and sought help, I was able to overcome and have my words match my actions.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, sure. It's not as if this made me dislike Vitter; and it really is none of my business. But it does tack a veneer of "do as I say, not as I do" to his leadership. And no one should stand for that (not that too many people are at this point).

Cajun Tiger said...

The two biggest issues for me in this situation particularly is that he was participating in an illegal activity which definitely gives everyone a right to question his role of one who makes the laws and it also could have put him in a position to be blackmailed which could have disqualified him to even do my job as he wouldn't qualify for security clearance.

I'm predicting he will either resign after the LA governor's so Jindal and not Blanco can choose his replacement or he won't run for re-election. Either way I think he is done.

Ian McGibboney said...

It's sad that blackmail even factors into security situations. But I guess that's what you get with a government full of secrets.

Blanco or not, he needs to resign now. Waiting for Jindal is just piling on the politics.