Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My plans for the Fourth

--Just wrote a veteran to thank him for his service, and his recent attempt to jump back into the field (a sentiment which, by the way, extends to all my friends and family in the military);

--Go to the park to fly the foam glider that's made me feel nine years old again;

--Hopefully attend a Springfield Cardinals baseball game;

--Anything else I feel like doing, because I'm an American with the day off.

Have a good July 4th. And remember, supporting freedom is not necessarily the same as supporting the president. If it were, Independence Day wouldn't have a five-month restraining order against Presidents Day, would it?

(Wow, that was profound...Good job, Ian...)

To close, here's James Earl Jones reading the Declaration of Independence. To use his own authoritative words from a 1992 promo of Gabriel's Fire, "Watch it!"

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Huck said...

Happy 4th! Have fun and be safe. I´ll be celebrating from outside the country in Mexico, but my spirit will be back home.