Monday, July 30, 2007

How can I fall? They just won't give me reasons

I had a very weird dream last night. Somebody help me interpret this:

My brother and sister came to visit me in Springfield. We decided to go to the new World Trade Center (which, for some reason, is in Springfield) and run all the way to the top to see the view, which we're told was now the highest in the world.

And we do it. We run. Every single step and turn. And I'm very proud of my siblings because my brother is an older, bigger ex-high-school-tackle and my sister is a teenager with asthma. After a while, they even pass me up and I'm left seriously winded. Then I see why they were so quick to bolt: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are wearing orange jumpsuits and are chasing us! I turn it up too, only to have the room eventually start spinning. Gravity starts kicking in, and only randomly placed couch pillows (?!!) help cushion my slamming against walls and landings.

Finally, I catch up to my brother at the 132nd story, which I believe to be the top. For some reason, though, a quirk in the design means I have to actually slide down the last (very steep) banister to get to the door. So I grab all the pillows I collected on the way up (the way Mario picks up coins, I guess), throw them down and do this weird kind of rappel. I feel the slide and the (back-first) fall into the pillows. At last, we are here! My brother says how proud he is that I made it, and is ready to open the door that leads to the outside. "Watch out for the change in air pressure," I say, exasperated. "It'll probably suck us out!"

He opens the door. Not bad, actually...a cool breeze and an interesting view of the metropolis meet us (which, again, looks nothing like Springfield). "Looks just like the sweeping view of New York City you see in all the movies," I thought. Except that I can't see much; I have to squint as if the sun is piercing my eyes...and yet, it's dusk. Next thing I know, I'm in a bungee harness, which lets me bounce several feet in the air. This feels fun, except that I'm at the top of a tall building and I don't want to plunge over the guardrail! A father with a toddler nearby share a giggle over me. "Make it stop!" I say to my siblings, who make it stop. I get out of it, only to notice that we aren't actually at the top. What the hell?

"This is the halfway point," my brother explains. "You have to take an elevator to get the rest of the way." So, like a moron, I look down. That's when I notice we're swaying several feet to each side, which I seem to be feeling much harder than any of the several people on the observatory. And not a simple sway due to the tall building; it's a carnival-ride-esque swinging. Yikes! At my insistence, we hightail it to the elevator.

The elevator is huge. The woman running the elevator - who looks oddly like a flight attendant - congratulates us for making it this far on foot. The whole time, my sister's cracking jokes and I'm staring at the digital floor readout: 231, 232, 233...At some point, my brother also tackles me to the ground. Just because he's always done that sort of thing.

We eventually get to the top, though I don't remember the view being much different. It was a lot colder, though. The dream then shifted into my parents cleaning out and renovating our camp in Butte La Rose (which, in real life, we sold to our cousins a few months ago).

This follows a dream from the night before where I'm riding my bike to the public library - which appears exactly the same in every dream I've had about it for years - and dismount it inside on the top floor (?), which for some reason has a giant drop all around the bookshelves, almost like a moat, with no guardrails. I'm walking with my bike on one of these perilous ledges when a slew of kids clamoring for Harry Potter books throws me off-balance and causes me drop my bike to where only my feet are keeping it from falling. Finally, I let it go. And then I fall too. And wake up with a jolt.

What the hell was that all about?


Cajun Tiger said...

Sounds like you are tired constantly spouting the liberal lines and you are longing to come over to the conservative side of the aisle...well maybe

Leigh C. said...

As a fella working in the mainstream media, you can only take your own personal baggage and experiences with you so far. You really do have to hop on that big-ass elevator to get the whole picture. SOMEthing needs to help you broaden your horizons.

Actually, none of this may apply to your job, but to your life in general. You're at some kinda crossroads and you are getting knocked off your ass in a way that you haven't been previously. Some of your personal experiences can help you out, but you are in alien territory, and it's tough letting go.

Leah said... random...

I have had a dream like that...falling, not a fun one.

Anonymous said...

wow, your sister sounds pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

this is keely btw.