Monday, July 02, 2007

Caption Central

"13:22:07 away from WHAT?!!" edition

President Bush tours the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Ala.
Gerald Herbert / The Associated Press

--Bush turned away frustrated, never having found the button marked "nucular"
--Hey! It's Fat Cat AND Little Boy!
--Bush knew he'd really have to work hard to top Jeb in the "Fast Money" round
--"Bet you could launch one hell of a fireworks show from here."
--If you fold this picture Mad Fold-In-style, Bush appears to be selling cigarettes at 7-11
--TOO EASY: "Where's the button? I want to try out these launch codes!"
--As Fox News reported later: "Mr. Bush just radiates warmth"
--Fortunately for Bush, the terror-alert color had not been upgraded that day
--"Now where is that zany Smithers?"
--Unfortunately for America, we are much more than 13:22:07 away from a new president
--Behind the scenes at InnerSpace 2: Vacuum Packed
--Man, that Creation Museum is SCARY!
--"Heh heh! Blastoff! Oh, shit..."
--Behind the scenes of Honey, They Shrunk Me and Put Me in Dick Cheney's Heart
--Worst episode of 3-2-1-Contact! Ever.
--It's like Deal or No Deal, without the "Deal"
--That circle of yes-men doesn't quite cut the arc that it used to...
--"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be around here somewhere."
--Now this picture should scare off any terrorists looking for a fight
--If I'm the buttons and Bush is my waiter, then you'll understand why I stormed out of Applebee's yesterday (I know that's not political, but why waste perfectly good rage?)
--We put nuclear power in the hands of Alabamans? Really?
--Men at Work had it right. It really IS a Mistake...


Huck said...

Heh! Nice list.

How 'bout this to add to it: "Dagnabit! Now where did I put those coordinates for Sen. Jeff Sessions' home?"

Leigh C. said...

Howzabout "Three Mile Island's nowhere near here, right?"

And I assume the clock above his head refers to the amount of time Dubya has left before his approval ratings drop to zero at ground zero....