Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm almost sorry I vote

I've been asked a lot lately about who I support for the presidency in 2008. Good question. One without a definite answer, for sure.

--Barack Obama? In many ways, yes. He is certainly presidential material; not only is he the consummate American success story, but his platform and personality are just what America needs at this juncture. Moreover, his baggage is so thin that "ex-closet-smoker" and "middle name of Hussein" just about sums it up.

But he's been in the Senate for less than one term. Not that a little less experience in Washington would help about now, but it does give his candidacy too much of a "feel-good" vibe for my comfort. Nevertheless, I still rank Obama high on my support list. I hope he fares ridiculously well on the campaign trail. If not, there's always 2012...hell, 2016! I'm hoping for a Democratic re-election in 2012.

--Hillary Clinton? Tough call. On one hand, she carries the most loaded political capital of anyone running from any party; on the other hand, she and Bill would arguably be one of the most effective one-two tandems on the world stage. On one hand, a liberal woman president is long overdue; on the other hand, a liberal woman president who refuses to repent for her Iraq war vote comes off as a power-mongering opportunist. On one hand, it would be fantastic to have the time-tested Clintons back in the White House; on the other hand, it would be tedious to have the time-tested Clinton-bashing back in D.C. On one hand, there are several Democratic candidates I would rather have spare me this dilemma; on the other hand, I'd choose Hillary if it came down to her and any of the declared Republican candidates.

--John Edwards? He was my Barack before Barack was my Barack. Youthful spirit, touches of adversity, short-term Senator - all in all, a very likable politician. Also, Cate! Not to mention that any run of his would probably not turn up much new dirt, since he's already been tumble-dried in the previous cycle. But, like Obama, Edwards needs to build more clout. Unlike Obama, he's not currently doing that in the Roll Call sense. I hope he's soon back in D.C. in some leadership capacity so that can happen.

--Al Gore? Yes! Now here's someone who is using his time wisely, urging the world to care about a real issue that affects everyone - global warming. In doing so, he has all but rid himself of his stodgy, stiff image and his reluctance to speak his mind. And by pushing for environmental responsibility, he's effectively making many of the Democrats (and all Republicans) look goofy in their rush to debate Creationism versus science, gays, who supports the troops and who supports gay troops. In other words, he's exactly the type of person who should be running for president. But he isn't. Unless he's simply biding his time, which is also smart on his part. Also, there's the fact that he won back in 2000. And, this time, he's learned from his November mistakes. Go Gore!

--Rudy Giuliani? John McCain? Mitt Romney? Fred Thompson? Duncan Hunter? Tom Tancredo? Well, most of those guys are better than Bush. Also, Giuliani has cross-dressed and hosted Saturday Night Live. But if those are the best things I can say about any of them, then there's no point in pretending I'd consider any of them.


GumboFilé said...

There's less to be sorry for if you don't vote.

David Hays
Grand Coteau

Cajun Tiger said...

My prediction this early in the game (still way too early as anything can happen) on the Dem side will be Clinton as Pres candidate and Obama as VP.

Find me one major paper (as they all poured over the votes) that said the recount would have overturned the race. Let me save you some won' in the words of probably one of your fav websites...MoveOn!

Nick said...

"Al Gore? Yes! Now here's someone who is using his time wisely, urging the world to care about a real issue that affects everyone - global warming."

Yes, global warming is more of a threat that Islamic terrorists who vow to kill us and the Jooooz.

As for using his time wisely, Gore is certainly doing that. He's making money by traveling across the country preaching to working Americans about the evils of SUV's and pick-up trucks while he goes home every weekend to relax in a mansion that's 20x's the size of my home.

I'll give him this, though. Great business idea, that Carbon Footprint thing he's running. More money for Gore!!

jumeta said...

Yeah that Gore is real practice-what-you-preach gem... reminds me of Tipper showing up for the eat-right-and-exercise walk-a-thon with the lard-disguising sweater on the hips and yards of nylon testing the upper limits of tensile strength. Yep, you dems can pick 'em. Bush doesn't give the pointless lip service to health, he's just setting the example by eating right and jogging - with a resting pulse rate the envy of young fat stupid bloggers.

So Obama's got no baggage? Only because the liberal-controlled press give him a free ride. He's got character flaws... not as bad as a Clinton.

Can't take much more of this nonsense.

Ian McGibboney said...

Maybe Bush ought to be a little more vocal about our health problems, given the obesity epidemic among our kids. Not that I would take the health advice of a dry drunk who appears to grow five years older every day anyway.

But you knew that, jumeta, seeing how shrewd you are with your far-right references and your correct analysis of my girth (the camera subtracts 100 pounds, you know).

jumeta said...

I suppose it makes sense for you to avoid the 'meat' of Jumeta's stingers. Did you forget to check your Barackobometer? Is it too cold outside?

Government lesson #1. Government should have zip to do with obesity. This is a parenting/lifestyle issue. Jiminy Christmas, the loony left has a conniption if the government tries to take some reasonable actions to prevent our children from consuming gay imagery (man marrying man, making HF sundae on park bench)... oh you say the government should not interfere with lifestyle choices... agreed. Spend the money on roads, bombs and smart guys to make sure we don't bomb our own roads.

Let the freak show continue. Too rude to be shrewd.