Friday, May 11, 2007

Why do I continue to listen to this station?

Heard on the radio: "Now it's time to end your lunch period and go back to work. But don't worry; the weekend is just around the corner!"

Why are DJs still allowed to say this? You wouldn't hear them say, "Housewives! This ends our noon block of Pat Boone songs. But don't worry, you have only a few hours left of scrubbing dishes and vacuuming the carpet before your husband brings home the bacon for you to cook!" And yet, the 9-to-5 myth is still an acceptable stereotype. In reality, one person's Friday night is another's Monday morning. When will this dastardly prejudice against this nation's indispensable night and weekend workers end?

No matter how cool he is, a Friday-night party DJ is doing anything but partying on Friday night. He's isolated in an enclosed booth, working. Think about it.

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Leigh C. said...

This is why I listened to WFUV when I lived in NYC. There was NONE of that kind of crap coming from the DJs.

It's also why I have begun to listen to many, many CDs in the car, mostly soul music and some other fun things. It may also be why people loooove their iPods so damn much.