Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things to consider when boycotting gas

I have no plans to buy gas today. Because my car gets excellent gas mileage and I filled up a few days ago, though, not because of the boycott. Unfortunately, today's gas strike is going to have all the efficacy of Hadacol - it might give you a buzz, but ultimately it's just a placebo. And you'll still be coughing the next day.

--The worldwide oil network is too complex for most sustained boycotts to make a difference, much less a single-day boycott initiated by customers at the lowest level. Which is why there has yet to be a successful effort of any kind by consumers to drastically influence fuel prices.

--Every consumer is likely to make up for the non-purchase within a few days, if they haven't stocked up beforehand. You wouldn't consider a day between grocery trips a boycott of the grocer, would you? Nope, and neither would your grocer. They know you're coming back.

--What losses do occur hit independent station owners, not the petroleum giants.

--There will no doubt be equally misguided activists on the right who will go out of their way to buy gas today, even if they don't need it (though they will because they're the same people who drive SUVs just to piss off tree-huggers).

Real change must be a sustained group effort among consumers, automakers and the government to ensure smart transportation, fuel-efficient vehicles and stringent measures to end reliance on foreign oil. We all have to work as a team, on a long-term basis.

Oh, well. Perhaps in 2009.

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Nick said...

Believe it or not, I actually agree with the body of this post.

I'm all for more fuel efficient vehicles. Obviously, that would save me money.

I'm all for lessening our dependence on foreign oil. Less gas consumtion is part of the scheme. Also another part is opening up ALL of the OCS to produce more domestic energy while we work on perfecting alternative energy sources. Florida currently enjoys a 125 mile drilling moratorium from their coast. Meanwhile, Cuba is currently drilling wells less than 90 miles from FL's coast. How much sense does that make?? None!!

We also need to give major tax breaks to alternative energy projects, and bigger tax breaks to consumers of hybrid vehicles.

And yes, that gas-out day crap is a load of bull. Don't buy gas on May 15, the oil companies will simply make record single day profits on May 16 and/or 17.