Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The 'on' is definitely being brung

BBC: Terrorism way, way up, especially in Iraq

The number of people killed around the world in terror attacks rose by 40% last year to more than 20,000, the US State Department has said. [...]

The number of attacks in Iraq nearly doubled to 6,630, accounting for 45% of the global total.

Iraq alone accounts for nearly two-thirds of all terrorism-related deaths last year.

Sort of undermines the argument that we're making the world safe from terrorism and are protecting Iraq from al-Qaida, huh? In fact, the State Department's (!!) report is saying not only the exact opposite, but that EVERY MOVE WE MAKE SEEMS TO HAVE THE PERFECTLY POLAR OPPOSITE REACTION THAT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE ANY MORE ANTITHETICAL TO OUR PERCEIVED AIMS IF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WERE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

It's like if we tried to protect an infant from burning herself on a hot pan by burying her three feet deep in a block of permafrost. Or set our money ablaze in a giant bonfire in the front yard to ensure that no one will ever steal it. Or destroyed our own freedoms before any foe could have a crack at them. And yet, we're still at this fiasco, with our esteemed commander trying to dig an even deeper foxhole! Or, at least, sending someone else's kid to dig it.

I miss the days when logic hadn't yet gone the way of Z-Cavariccis.


Leigh C. said...

Yep, these folks forgot what happens when a hornet's nest gets poked.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Perfect examples Ian. There's a good reason I call Bush the Anti-Midas! That ain't gold there after he touched it.

Cajun Tiger said...

And where exactly would Al Qaida be blowing things up if they weren't in Iraq?