Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getty Images must pay well

This picture says more than I ever could about George W. Bush:

It accompanied this BBC brief about how pleased he was with the Iraq compromise bill - the one in which Congress does all the compromising and Bush does none. Big shock.

You'd think that getting everything he wants, every time he wants it, despite all logic and karma suggesting that things turn out otherwise, would cause Bush to look less stern. You'd think that the incredible run of luck he has had in not being impeached or otherwise seriously challenged despite his unpopularity with the people (and the world) would erase at least one of those extra decades off his face. And you'd think that someone who has spent six years in the White House would start to look presidential after awhile, instead of looking like a right-wing blowhard making an unscheduled speech at the Gordon Gekko Fan Club convention.

Pundits ask why the 2008 presidential race is in full swing at such an early stage. Is it because the field is more open than it's been in three generations? Is it an indicator that the political process is an ever-expanding theater of cruelty? Or is it the laughable premise that voters are taking the time to ponder their options as they undertake their civil responsibilities?

The real answer to that question lies simply in the picture above. We're all tired of seeing it. And him.

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