Monday, April 30, 2007

Caption Central

"Going, going, Gonzales!" edition

--"You may now kiss the excessive pride."
--Unlike with Putin, Bush had to squint to see any soul in Gonzales' eyes
--"Stop it, silly! That's my future-cushy-consultant-gig smile!"
--EIGHTIES REFERENCE: "I like yer hair! Is that Alberto Mousse?"
--"Show 'em that look, you know, the one that all the judges had to give ya to keep their jobs."
--"Stop that, Alberto! My God, if your teeth clench any tighter mine'll start chippin!"
--The Brokeback stare that broke the camera's back
--"No, Dubya, I'm Justice. I'm supposed to be the blind one."
--"Let's play house. I'll be church, you be state!"
--How Bush finally got the entire country to oppose gay marriage
--How the glasses didn't crack from that reflection we'll never know...
--Bush practices his "I don't know no Kenny Boy" stare, just in case
--If this photo weren't cropped, we'd probably understand why Bush is so loyal
--"You're my Sanjaya! No, wait..."
--"So, exactly how much shit did you have to eat to grin like that?"


Leigh C. said...

Actually, you need to augment the eighties' reference with an, "Ooooh, AlBERRRRto!!!"

Ian McGibboney said...

That's actually how I first wrote it, but I changed it because I didn't think anyone would get it. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!