Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fleeting flights of fancy

--Kentucky Fried Chicken, which originated in Utah, currently employs "Sweet Home Alabama" as its jingle. Make up your mind, KFC!

--Captain America has been killed as part of Marvel Comics' "Civil War" storyline, which parallels post-9/11 events. Damn liberal media, with their art-imitating-life crap! Are they trying to demoralize the troops?!!

--Speaking of demoralizing the seems to me that if that were the goal of liberals, they could find much better methods than honest reporting and rallying for troop protection and benefits. Like, for example, keeping them in Iraq for no definable reason and with inadequate supplies, stripping them of compensation, extending deployments and giving them substandard care once what's left of them gets home, all the while paying lip (and magnet) service to their sacrifices. That seems adequately demoralizing to me.

--Looking at Britney Spears now, it's difficult to remember just how fresh-faced and benign she seemed back in 2000. I have the same thought about George W. Bush. Not that I was ever that huge a fan of either one.

--A tip for those who oppose mandatory HPV-vaccine shots: you might stand a fighting chance if you play up the encroaching-government angle. Saying that it promotes promiscuity isn't particularly intelligent. Know what else promotes promiscuity? Beer and virgin pledges. Look it up.

--Last night, Fox Sports Network aired the Best Damn 50 Greatest Plays in Sports History. The River City Relay didn't make the cut, even though lesser lateral plays did, and the number-one all-time play was the USC marching-band lateral miracle from 1982. And it wasn't because the Saints choked the extra point; other plays mentioned didn't necessarily win games either. Then again, it was Fox...they like to downplay New Orleans, you see.

--I trust Wikipedia more than Fox News. At least with Wikipedia, you can both report and decide.


Nick said...

Papers like the NY Times seem to do a pretty good job of working against our military and government, such as making unfound charges of torture at Gittmo, painting a picture that our whole military is committing rampant war crimes, and "breaking" stories (informing the terrorists) about our government monoriting foreign bank accounts that have been linked to terrorist organizations.

But I do agree with your point about the chickenshit disgrace at Walter Reed. That should be the last government run facility functioning poorly. Then again, it is overseen by the government.

Leigh C. said...

Hah! I always wondered why they chose "Sweet Home Alabama" for KFC, myself.

And I wouldn't worry too much about Cap'n America. If art imitates life, he'll be resurrected...oh...not if he goes to Walter Reed.